Gracefully Broken

“Grace is defined as unmerited favor, favour in the eyes of God. … Gracefully Broken is to be broken by God so that He can take you to a new level with Him, to be broken so that God can promote you and put you in a place where you can experience a new blessing, to be used and filled by Him”

This week I shared another workout and affirmation I Called “I see the bigger picture”. In order for me to see the blessing in the picture God is trying to reveal to me, I can’t allow all the small things to deter me. 

Well what about the big things? 

When I started thinking deeper about that question the song that I listen to very often, Gracefully Broken, came to mind. 

When the big things strike…a.k.a “A storm ⛈ “ overwhelmingly amounts of emotions bombard you that can’t be easily brushed off. Things that were important to you begin slacking. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual dimensions become unbalanced and thats when trying to see the bigger picture starts to become cloudy. 

 When being gracefully broken it’s understanding that in the midst of being broken, the picture God is trying to reveal never gets cloudy, it’s just our choice if we allow that picture to get clouded. Y our situation. 

If God brought you to a storm for a reason, He most certainly can bring you out of it…and that’s His Grace. He knows we will be broken with some uncomfortable situations that come our way but because of His grace, He gives us the armor to fight, learn and grow. 

If we choose to fight, learn and grow in the big things, the bigger picture never fades, it just brightens the blessings God has in store. 

I am encouraging those of you who have read this to please share on your personal pages or with a family, friend or loved one who you think may need this message as well. ♥️



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