Good reminder… Stay the course

Embrace the Process

For anyone who has been following the journey of my sister through the videos I post of her process, knows she is putting in some work. We all know that through our journeys we definitely will have our struggles which is the same for my sister but more so an emotional one Then anything.

My sister knows that I am one of her number one supporters through this journey and the many times she’s wanted to give up I remind her of why she shouldn’t and she continues on.

It must have been a recent motivational talk I had with her because a couple days after that she was telling me how her next few days were going to look regarding doing better for herself, but what she shared next really resounded with me. She said sissy “I started listening to a song to help motivate me”

“ I love my body, I love my skin, I am a goddess, I am a queen”- by Jessie J

She said it’s a song that helps remind her not to be compared by social media looks, comparing or getting distracted off your personal journey. Rather to LOVE yourself and focus on yourself.

That was a great reminder for me and I’m so glad my sissy shared it. In a time where social media is high all the content that is shared in a variety of ways, it’s hard Not to compare, Or be distracted From what you need to do and get so focused on what somebody else is doing.

Each and everyone of us are capable, valuable, and worthy. We all have struggles and triumphs. Some peoples triumphs are portrayed more than their struggles and from the outside looking in, one may think that they have it all together.

that’s why it’s so important not to get sucked in to that and focus on your own journey. It’s OK to be motivated but not get lost in the journey because you’re wishing your journey was someone else’s.

Stay your course!!



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