Oct. 24th, 2015 – Good Morning….AHHHH!!!!


Crazy way to start your Saturday (as I make my “oh geez” expression)….Woke up this morning and something just didn’t feel right….looked at my fitbit and realized it was 6:25A, I had accidently set my alarm for 5:45A Monday!!!!…I scheduled to meet my dear client at 6:30A for our 3 mile run/walk. AHHHH!!!!!!!! I hurriedly jumped out the bed (the worse way to get up in the a.m) brushed my teeth, got deodorant on (thank God) and splashed water on my face. Called up my client and let her know I would be there A.S.A.P. Thankfully we have a great relationship and Ive been training her for some time now that she was just fine with it.
I HATE being LATE!!!
Anywho, we got our 3 miles in right before it started to rain. YES!! Almost at 10,000 steps before 11am. Aw yeah!!

Have a great day yall. Make it a great weekend!!!