Getting to this point….It CAN be done!

I am extremely pleased and proud of myself knowing where I started and where I am now. My journey back to fit, I can say I have accomplished. By no means do I have a flat stomach, but guess what, its a lot stronger and tighter than it once was. I was able to gain and define my body back to a musculature frame. My motivation? My Rey of Sunshine.  Getting to this point in my journey was long but I was willing to do the work. Truth be told, the journey still continues. Its not all about how I look but more so how I FEEL. I want this emotion of feeling good to be maintained for the long run. That means, continuing doing what I’ve been doing. IT CAN BE DONE!!!

Participated in our 2015 Eric Snow YMCA Ironman Triathlon Challenge.


Top picture, my 2014 “journey in my pregnancy was “blossoming”. Bottom left, Was it before and after- my ninth month stage and then all the hard work I worked for to get myself back to fit. Bottom right, Aug. 29th, 2015, my sister’s beautiful wedding and a beautiful portrait of me, my mom, my sissy, and my father! the dress Im wearing, my sister contacted all of the bridesmaids and let them know we had to try on dresses before a certain date unfortunately that they just so happen to be not long after I gave birth to Reygan! When I tried on the dress it was 6 sizes bigger the lady asked me if I wanted To keep the size or make it a couple sizes smaller before her actual wedding. Knowing the person I am and being a competitor I wasn’t going to say just a couple sizes, I wanted to be back in the dress size I use to wear. I wanted to rock it at my sissy’s wedding. In that pic, I’m rocking the dress size I said I was going to get in. Was the journey to get to that point peaches & cream? Hell no, but I did the work and always kept my eyes on the prize.


bridemaid dress
My Sister sent this to me this photo with the caption “go head with yo bad self” lol!!! I must say, sissy, I think I did you justice getting myself back to fit come your wedding day. Lol All the time, patience, time, perserverance a.k.a hard work paid off!

“Those that say it can’t be done should get out of the way o those doing it”-Chinese Proverb