Getting to Know Myself More

When I saw this it open my heart more about knowing who Crystal really is through my journey. I think so often, speaking for myself, get caught up and trying to prove the worth and value that you know you have but all the while you seem to lose yourself With all of the distractions swirling around you.

This is simply the reason I entitle my personal blog Embrace The Process. I don’t care how old you get, you always learn something new, something more and you embrace it.

I’ve always known that I was destined for greatness, but all the while I was trying to “become” this “greatness”, I was getting too caught up with the approval of how other people perceived me and not remembering that God‘s approval is the only approval that I needed.

So in this journey I am taking an observation of myself to a deeper level, so I can release/and un-become what I was trying to obtain based off of other people‘s perception and take hold of What God called for Crystal to be and freely accept that.

To have that feeling of liberation to do what is on your heart organically I think takes out so much more worry and frustration.

I have realized that my INTENTIONS to do something should always be driven by pure passion and fire inside of me and NOT just based off of what someone else did or something I saw. Its one thing to be motivated to do something, but its another to try to accomplish something with the wrong intentions.

Ill be honest, I’ve done some things that I thought were of good intentions, but I was doing it just to go with the flow and not having that passion ignited within me to truly do it.

I am truly grateful that the Lord has open my eyes just a little more, my heart a little more, my mind a little more, that I can know more of who I am as I go along my journey.
I can only imagine if I kept myself so closed in and not allowing myself to observe what God has been showing me, that progression would not take place.

So every step of my journey I embrace without any stubbornness but yet with humility.



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