Germs, Bacteria, I’m Sick 😷 Oh My!

I LOVE the fall but I know that as soon as temperature changes start getting cooler Take it prepared for the germs and bacteria to start spreading. Especially now that the kids are back in school it’s like open season for the cough and sniffles to begin.
When immune system starts getting weak, especially with children, it can get bad! The coughing, sneezing, the snot, it’s just horrible. Although sometimes preventing a cold can be inevitable, we most certainly can shorten the time children have to suffer through a cold.

In our home, We always keep disinfectant wipes and spray around making sure that the kiddos are covering their mouth when they cough or sneeze, using a tissue instead of their hand to wipe their nose, and most importantly washing the germs off of their hands.

Although their immune system may be vulnerable it’s always good to still keep them moving and supplying them with fruits, vegetables and antioxidants their bodies need to fight off viruses.

It always happens, that if a child comes home with any form of what may be a cold, it will circulate and parents will get tagged with it too. During the cooler/colder season I like to brew Moringa and Green Tea because of the powerful antioxidants and benefits it has. I like to drink my tea either hot or cold. When I make a lot of tea, the rest that I don’t drink gets put in the fridge and for some reason the kids absolutely love it. The tea is decaffeinated, and I’m glad they enjoy it because they could be asking for juice. Lol I do however, only give them so much because tea, with the different herbs that it contains can leave you feeling “dry”. Everyday the kids get their vitamin gummy as an immune booster as well.

With these continued habits and making sure that they keep some type of physical activity and supportive nutrition I noticed that their colds or whatever is bugging them doesn’t stay around long.

Unfortunately and recently my Rey Rey was very agitated and could not stay still, so I took her to the doctors to find out that she had an ear infection☹️
Once the antibiotics were given it was like night and day within the first day of the antibiotics getting into her system. It was as if she never had the ear infection. I am glad to report she is on the road to a better Rey Rey. Now bubs is beginning to cough. You know how it goes! We are on it though!

The quicker I notice how their immune system responds to the habits we create in helping them get better, that lets me know that it is working effectively and to stick with it.

I will say this to parents, stay proactive in keeping a constant routine and stay adamant about it especially during this cold season. If your kiddo shows ANY sign of what could be a cold, start acting now, not just with them but with you too! The earlier we can catch it the better and likelihood of a cold diminishing in half the time in would normally take.

Keep disinfectant in the house- Any time your child forgets to cover their mouth, get to spraying and wiping off tables etc around…and then of course off to wash their hands. Of course we all should know this, and we do, but its the ACTION part and sticking with it, is what is important.

Cheers to the new season! 🥂



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