Weighted Burpee Step Overs

Fit Tip: A great full body exercise that work multiple muscle groups.

I was introduced to this variation of doing Burpee’s, as you know there are A ton of variations. The work out that I did within the past two weeks use dumbbells and a step board to complete the Burpee’s and let me tell you although it was challenging I could feel it from head to toe… Of course in a good way.

Below I perform two variations of doing the weighted Burpee step over. Some people may have issues with their knees or getting all the way on the floor so, choose which ever one may work best for you!

Check it out!

Full Body Fit

Fit Challenge: Perform this exercise by TIME and see how many reps you can get in 1 minute OR simply perform solely by reps 8-10 reps.

Your core muscles, legs, upper body, and cardio respiratory system will be challenged if you put yourself a bit past your comfort zone! A great exercise to add into your workout routine!

Give it a try and give me a shout out to let me know how it was for you!💪🏽



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