Fresh Parfait
My own Parfait

So just next-door to my job is a place called Freshii, a health food/drink restaurant. I have come to love their fresh and healthy meals/snacks they offer. It’s very convenient. One that I really fell in love with was there yogurt parfait’s. Granola at the bottom, plain Greek yogurt in the center, some more granola, then fresh fruit (strawberries and mango)…. oh that’s not it…they add a drizzle of 🍯 to top it off.

There was one recent week that I stopped over to get a yogurt parfait almost everyday. Finally I got some sense knocked into me…. Crystal, you can make this at home!!!!! Not only will it save the $ but it would taste just as great….and it did!!!

I got my usual Plain Greek Yogurt from Costco, honey, frozen fruit And some cinnamon raisin granola from Aldi!

I control how much granola, yogurt, honey, and fruit I put together to make my parfait.

Not only does it taste great but it smells great too LOL I’ve actually gotten a few Compliments on my self made parfait.

This yogurt perfay could be most likely eaten during breakfast time we’re simply as a snack the total calories range between 100 to 200 depending on how much of the ingredients you use, Especially the granola and honey.

If you enjoy a healthy and tasty 😋 parfait I encourage you to by your ingredients and whip it up in your kitchen! Enjoy!