FRESH Fast, Healthy Food to Go!

Nutritious and delicious

The Menu

How often do we take the opportunity, if we haven’t packed our lunches or prepared dinner, that we choose to get something quick that is healthy rather than resort to the a custom fast food chains we see on every main Street?

I did not feel like packing a lunch for work because I was honestly just lazy. There was a new Health food spot down the street from my job that people had been talking about and figured I would go ahead and get lunch there.

All of their food and products are fresh and natural, meaning you can read and understand the ingredients that you would be consuming.

The neat thing about this health food chain , Freshii, is that they provide an actual nutritionist Who you could contact about their particular foods they prepare.

I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to check Your location to see if you have any healthy fast food chains around you that you could visit when, like me, Choose not to prepare lunch and Are faced with a decision if you are going to keep it healthy or eat whatever is in sight that may not be healthy and supportive to your goals

My lunch 🥙

By the way this lunch meal was the bomb!



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