Food vs Emotions

hen life throws different stressors our bodies respond in various ways. When it comes to these stressors and how the body responds, for some people Food is not what they turn to to cope with situations but for others food is the emotional go to. When it comes to stressful emotions and food it more than likely ties in with Not the best choices and unwanted consequences. 

Check out this Information provided by registered dietitian, Molly Linek about What happens when stress and emotions come together:

⬆️ stress (hormone cortisol) = ⬆️ poor diet (unhealthy food choices or over moderation) / high fat & sugar = ⬆️weight  (change in leptin, appetite suppressor hormone) = ⬆️ obesity (⬆️ in insulin resistance)

All of what you see above ties in with your inflammation of the body and possible depression

Food stimulates mood! (VanOudenhove, 2011) most people seek out emotional eating as a way to buffer against strong emotions/depression

Palatable food reduces stress temporarily by buffering any major physiological and behavioral responses to stress

 So now that you have a little bit more information about how the body responds to stress, the work has to be done of being aware of how you respond to it when stressed out.

I can most certainly say for those of us who are emotional eaters, the first thing we are not going to think about to suppress our emotions is carrots, or fruit, it’s going to be more like ice cream, chocolate, or something fatty and greasy.

However, the more aware we become and the more knowledge we have, the more conscious decisions and effort that can be made in being good to ourself.

Stay healthy and blessed y’all.