Food Pack Ready

I wanted to share an example of the control and power we have over that the foods we prepare and eat. I have found so much success in packing foods when I know majority of my day is spent working and on the go.

It does not put you in that predicament of wondering what you are going to eat, getting to the point of starving, And when you finally have the opportunity to eat you inhale anything. Trust me, I’ve been there and it makes me feel blah.

Set yourself up for success and take the time and priority for that success. We make time for all of the other things we want to do, so I’m telling those of you who say they want to make it right and get it tight… stop procrastinating or being lazy and cut out some time in your kitchen to put something together for yourself. Trust me, once you get into the routine it’s not a task. 

What you see here is just an example of what I prepare for a work day. 

Spinach and Romain lettuce with nuts and berries, red onion, cherry tomatoes, drizzled with some avocado and balsamic dressing. (Other additions I may add in are radishes and cucumbers)

Mixed veggies and grass fed beef patty

Plain Greek yogurt With pineapple and blueberries

I eat throughout the day or when I am really ready to eat.

again, this is just one of my examples of my food packed ready meals/snacks looks like. I always make sure to do variety such as what fruit I may put in my yogurt, what I put in my salad, what protein I will incorporate.
As long as I go with a plan and prepared, I know I’m going on the right direction.

Go ahead, make yourself nutritious and delicious food pack ready items!!! I strongly believe it’s absolutely needed to begin, if you haven’t been, to start prepping and preparing yourself for success.



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