Fitness Journey & Traveling? How to make things easier

Make it work while traveling

I’ve talked about this plenty of times before because its so prevalent with most people, and that involves people who travel.

As for clients I work with, I have a few who travel and plan to keep up with their health and fitness plans on some level whether its travel, work-related or a vacation.

The one thing I believe is important to maintain is strength. Its easy to hop on a cardio machine and walk or run for any length of time, but what about keeping your muscles “activated.”

To add more context to it, when someone travels, most hotels stayed in, will have a gym. Majority of the time most hotels, unless its off the chain luxurious, will have the treadmills, ellipticals, dumbbells, exercise ball, maybe a BOSU ball and a medicine ball. Everything I said after treadmill and ellipticals are the majority ignored. Why? Probably because some people do not know what weights to use, there is not a good selection of weights (either too light, too heavy), or it can just be intimidating.

With that being said, if any of those reasons apply to you, you may want to consider an easier traveling option where you can do your cardio AND strength without hesitation. This traveling option can allow you to workout in the confines of your hotel room or take your fitness “tools” to the gym with you.

The kind of traveling option and fitness tools I am speaking of never go old…RESISTANCE BANDS! There are all different kinds. The ones I prefer come with 3 different resistance options so you can switch out what resistance you want to use based off of the exercise you are doing. Plus, you can literally fold them, tuck in your bag and go.

With Resistance bands, you can work your hips, legs, upper body, lower body and abs just the same as you would if you were using free weights. Bands can be less expensive, less intimidating and joint friendly.

ANYONE can take this option because its so flexible and allows variety whether you are a beginner or advanced.

So the next time you plan a trip no matter the reason, consider packing some resistance bands with you to assist you and keep you going through your journey!



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