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So this is going to be your Fit Tip Challenge of the week…Please read

Burpees are one of the most hated exercises to do because they are a challenge…but guess what? That is ALL the reason to do them.

Burpees target your ENTIRE body and for anyone who wants to get fit, shunning away from burpees are an exercises you do not want to exclude.

I am posing- SPECIFICALLY for people with tight schedules day in and day out. When you can’t get at least a 30-60 minute workout in for the day – DO BURPEES.

Set a goal on how many you want to do, but choose a number that is not so easily obtained. Do them on commercials between a TV show OR when you have 5 minutes to spare.

THE CHALLENGE-Whatever number you set for yourself to perform those burpees, do as many of them as you can without stopping. If you set a goal for 30 burpees, go for it. If you have to stop at 15, take a short break and get back at it til you get to 30.

That’s exactly what I did here in this video below. That day I had little time to do an extended workout, so I challenged myself to perform 60 burpees before my husband got back from the store. I was able to get 30 burpees straight before I had to take a break, then I went at it again challenging myself to do the other 30 without stopping. I did, but man was I wore out!

Mission accomplished!





  1. Tomorrow I’m gone do it, setting my goal for 3 rounds of 30. I might need an oxygen tank after it, but I’m gone do it.

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