Family Vacation

FINALLY!!! After almost 3 years, what use to be just hubby and I, now is a family of 4. Vacation in Florida to see family and friends.

So many emotions, some anxiety yet A LOT of excitement. The vacation was from beginning to end was eventful.

I was anxious and a little worried in how the kids would be on their first plane ride, HOWEVER they did awesome. Reygan absolutely loved her plane ride. She always loves spotting planes, so when she was told she would be flying in one, her smile grew even bigger.

When we arrived in Florida, our car ride, we passed by the club PULSE where all those innocent lives were taken. To see what once was a nightclub turned into a memorial site, did something to me. All of the times Moe and I visited Florida in the past, we would drive passed that same area.

Just to be back felt good, but more so for our children to get to experience and meet family for the first time.

Moe and I never question no matter where we go, we pack gym clothes, so it was a must that sometime during our trip, we would go to our old stomping ground, a park behind my mother-in-laws neighborhood, and get our workouts in. It was a family affair! Reygan LOVED being a part of her daddy’s workouts. I see an athlete in our future!!

Disneyworld was a workout in itself! I KNOW we had to have done 100,000 steps LOL in addition to pushing the stroller!! It took atleast a day and a 1/2 to recuperate from that!

All in all, this was something that was very much needed for me. After having two children and the hustle bustle day in and out, breaking a normal routine, getting out of Ohio and getting to have a little me time and just ENJOY myself without the worries was what I NEEDED.

I feel refreshed. My husband and I were reminded from a Holistic friend of ours during the trip, not to let “getting out” and enjoying family time vacations, go to long.


My journey back to FIT, this definitely uplifted my emotional and mental side of things. Finally breaking that old mold.


Here is a bit of our trip while at the neighborhood park;