Family Ball Game

Every now and then we all get together and have What I call family fitness fun. Morris usually goes to the gym most days, so if It’s just me and the kids we will do our own thing. But when all four of us are together we try to do it big and have a lot of fun. 

It’s most important that especially at theor young age we are intentionally sewing quality time with our children especially when they asked for it. 

Even if we may not feel like it or we only have a little time, I truly believe our children’s hearts are so sensitive and high on the emotional side, so if we more often say “maybe later” and never get to doing it, it leaves an impact on them. 

I never want to take for granted the time that could have been spent especially when they verbally say “will you play with me?”

I’ve had that instance happen where my daughter may have asked if I would read to her or play with her but I had gotten so caught up in something else that it never came to fruition and after the fact I remembered that I didn’t follow through. It hurts and I never want that to not only leave an impact on her but it impact on me as a parent. 

Yes they are going to be times where us as parents have to get some other things done and sometimes never get around to doing what we wanted to with our kids but I have made a conscious effort to be present and take that huge responsibility as a parent to have those quality moments with my kids. It’s just a must.

I love when the kids face light up when they know mommy and daddy are tagteaming to have some fun. 

This was a good example and boy did we laugh and play. 

Check it out….

Family Night



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