Faithfully Unapologetic

Workout & Affirmation

My Self health is self love.

In this season of my life I have come to realize that my relationships with in myself it heavily dependent on how I treat me myself and I. 

For those who did not see my most recent workout and affirmation I posted, I wanted to share because for a while I had struggled so much worrying and wondering if being the true Crystal, who I naturally felt to be, was too intimidating or too much for other people to want to build a relationship. 

My health played a huge factor in all of this because I felt like if I couldn’t be myself , My happiness was suppressed and when my happiness was suppressed I felt anxious and depressed. 

But God….He stepped right on in to remind me If I am not ashamed of Him, my creator, than I shall not be ashamed of myself.  I am genuine, and humble with a whole lot of sass and spunk. 

I have started building the foundation of being faithfully unapologetic of who I am in my personality and character because it is totally connected to my health and how I live.  I can love people close or I can love from a distance, but either way, I’m going to love you and there’s nothing you can do about it!! 



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