Evening Gratitude Walks & Trips to the Fresh Produce Farm

These are times I really appreciate

In the evenings

Fresh Farm Trips

The trip to the fresh fresh recently was a good surprise to the kids. We often make trips to this particular fun because of the quality of produce they offer in the things they have for the kids to play with while shopping.
This time while checking out the in season produce I noticed how much more involved the kids were in helping shop without me asking!
This kind of place is great because it continues to introduce the kids to the vibrant and fresh foods.

A great idea the next time you take your kiddos on a trip to a fresh farm have them pick out a green, red, yellow, orange and/or purple vegetable! It’s neat to see what they find and pick!

cabbages bigger then their heads

Sipping on a fresh peach 🍑 slushy



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