Eric Snow YMCA 3rd Annual 5k Run

I want to give a HUGE shout out to my home girl Christie for making it out to help, not 1 or 2 but 3 times for this 5k run. She could have stayed in her nice cozy bed, but she didn’t! We have done this each year which started in 2015. Its been not the most pleasant of weather each year, the first year we literally ice skated our way around the event, yet we managed.

I asked Christie if she would like to help out with this event back in 2015 because I know she knows a lot about how to start and run, events as she has had plenty of successful ones herself (and she has run a few marathons). My job in helping out with this 5k event has been to help cheer, support and motivate runners/walkers as they go through the course. Christie and I, knowing that we would have to be out in the treacherous weather figured, what better way to pass time and keep ourselves warm……….DANCE!

2017 5k run deemed a big challenge as all of us who were outdoors had to fight 7 below freezing weather!! Christie and I knew it would be a tough one, but we were going to make it happen. Some of the runners/walkers, even the officers on post, remembered us from the previous 2 years and were excited we were back to cheer them on because it helped them get through.

Christie and I had our music SET and READY…little did we know that it would fail us!! About 10 minutes into the event starting, Christie’s phone which was supplying the music SHUT OFF!!!!! We THINK it was cold weather because her battery was fully charged. LOL

Sooooooooooo to keep ourselves going, we sang and danced to Tootsie roll, “Run this way” and whatever else we could think of to get through. It worked for a while until we couldn’t feel our kneecaps, toes or fingers. It was a wrap. TIME TO GO INSIDE.

THANK YOU CHRISTIE for being there yet again!!!

Also big shout out to my friend Chris for participating in her 2nd year of this event!!! It was GREAT to see you!!!! Thank you for the neck warmers. It was most definitely needed!!!! Love ya.

Here are a couple videos of Christie and I as we got ourselves into pop n lock mode for the race. ENJOY!!!