Equipping YOU!!

I’ve never tried to figure out the Lord in His plan for me. I know in whatever it is I am to do, I so much want to be very successful at it. ┬áThere’s been times I wanted it bad and got frustrated that it didn’t come quick enough. I quickly learned that wasn’t the way and was blessed & reminded by pastor Cameneti that the very things you need will come, but may not come in the form you hoped for. As i be gotten older and maturer, I am very ok with that, and my eyes have opened even more to realize what God has done and been doing in my life. He has already set me in a position for growth and within this year set me in a platform of opportunity that will and has given me so much insight and wisdom. He is setting me up for what He has planned for me and I’m seeing it!!
If I would have kept begging in prayer for Him to give me what I wanted then, at that moment, I KNOW i would never have been equipped for it.
He has been equipping me through it all for the moment He has for me!
Staying prayerful & hopeful, & encourage YOU to do the same.