Embracing the process…God is good

The Lord’s GRACE & MERCY continues to shine over me and I am so very grateful to have a relationship with HIM!

Most have no idea, but May 20th, I woke up around 2am not feeling good…tried to go back to bed but couldn’t to dizzy and nauseous. Started vomiting everywhere. Being pregnant and far along, especially with my past that I have shared, I was scared. Rey, Hubby and I took a trip to the emergency room at 2:30A, where I spent 12 hours, an IV in my arm and heart rate monitor/ultrasound for my baby boy. All tests came back great, but it seemed I may have caught a bug that was floating around that others had been in the emergency room for as well.

While I spent those 12 long hours in a hospital bed, I slept a lot, and tried to keep comfortable…but for the most of the time the Lord and I talked. I thanked Him for keeping both the baby and I healthy and safe. I thanked God for such a magnificent husband who took care of business making sure our daughter was taken care of, but also making sure he stayed by my bedside (all while sitting in an uncomfortable chair). I get emotional just thinking about it. The next few days after leaving the hospital, I felt a lot better, but not 100%. I took my time to work myself back to “normalcy” but every step of the way I thanked God.

I wanted to share this piece with you because, the pictures that I do post, I am grateful I can SMILE and encourage. I know I have my share of downs, but I want to let YOU know, that no matter what is thrown at you, if you fall yet you can WAKE up the next morning and go about your business, you are BLESSED. The Lord has plans for you, as He does for me.

I sit hear just thinking of where I was not long ago, and now I am feeling great, doing what I love and enjoying life.

Keep smiling and encouraging because someone will need it!!