Eliminating FEAR

This year I go with courage and boldness! I am going to be honest In the past it wasn’t so much The struggle in itself but more so the struggle with fear. Fear has kept me back from taking the actual action of something I knew I wanted to do but The fears of getting the “no’s”, failures, and disappointment stopped me in my tracks. That also created the fear that the vision God gave me was a missed opportunity.

How many of us HAVE a vision, have potential, and know you are destined for greatness, but fear has kept you back for way to long of making that vision…an actual vision?
I realized going into the New Year that if I did not let go of those fears and trust solely in God, I would never see the vision come to fruition.  

I still sit back and watch Documentaries that are inspiring and motivational of how someone made their vision come to life. Yes, they had struggles and I am sure they were afraid, but fear did not hold them back from what was on their heart. They took a leap of faith and took ACTION.

I have such big visions the Lord has placed on my heart and I do not want them to pass me by. Struggles will always come and go, but fear will have you stagnant.

I am taking that leap of faith and trust in God that whatever steps need to be taken, will be taken. I am encouraging Those of you who have been in the same boat as I have to let go of that fear! Let’s make this year a year of great possibilities and exceed an abundance of joy.

I Actually encouraged myself in knowing that even if I get a no or a disappointment it still came with the satisfaction of knowing that I did not let fear hold me back and I took that step in action in at least doing it rather than not doing it at all.

Fear no longer needs hold on me or YOU!

For God has not given us a spirit of fear,
but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

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