Egg Muffins
Theses are the acual Egg Muffins I tried- I will give kuddos to my my co-worker. He did good

For those of you who do not know, not only do I on my own 4Star Fitness business, but I’m also a Fitness Manager at a medically based facility. Within the past month we have made some changes with our offices in which I elected to have my office shared with my 12 Fitness Specialist staff whom I manage. You may be thinking do you have a office big enough 🤣

It’s a good size however all 12 Are in and out throughout the day which keeps it from getting crowded. There is one fitness specialist who comes in pretty frequently between his training sessions and he always has different snacks he’s either pulling out from his bag or from the break room.

He had just come from the microwave and had brought the egg muffins into the office. When I walked in I was thrown back from the smell and yelled out “OMG! What is that?!” When he mentioned egg muffins I was not surprised 🤣
That’s when he replied, “yeah I know the smell may not be pleasing, but they taste so good!! I made them too!”

I was Definitely skeptical then 🤣 but when he showed me the Egg Muffins, they actually looked delish.
He offered for me to try one of them and although they looked great I was a bit hesitant, but I went ahead and gave it a try.

It was great!!!! It was just like an omelette in muffin style. In the muffin were vegetables and ground turkey meat, and he seasoned it with his own seasoning.

Just FYI, This breakfast food can also be termed a snack food.

He shared the recipe and I wanted to share the same to YOU, because you know…sharing is caring!!

Check it out Below!!

just FYI- you can make meatless egg muffins aka Veggie egg muffins or if you are a meat eater, this recipe used pork- you can use ground turkey instead.



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