Eating Healthy and Staying Motivated- Its all in the process

In order to be consistent with ANYTHING you do in your journey, you FIRST have to be real with yourself….BEFORE you can be consistent.

That is where your process begins…..


Struggling to eat healthy? How can you do better? Some tips:

  • WRITE DOWN YOUR PURPOSEFUL WHY- Keep It close to keep you accountable
  • Make a grocery list
  • Grocery shop for healthy convenient foods that are easy to travel with
  • Get containers that you can your food groups- Veggies (cucumber slices, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrots) , proteins (baked chicken, tuna, nitrate free turkey meat), complex carbs/fiber (brown rice or a sandwich with whole grains) , fruits (apples, berries) etc
  • Get a fun looking water jug that will hold the amount of water you need to keep you hydrated
  • know your traveling schedule that way you can plan when you are going to eat

How to stay motivated in your journey? Tips:

  • WRITE DOWN YOUR PURPOSEFUL WHY- Keep it close so you can go back to, to keep you accountable
  • Take a photo of yourself- Front pic, Side pic, and a photo of your turned away from the camera- DATE the photos
  • Verbally say out loud, that you are magnificent EVEN when you are not where you want to be- You have to LOVE yourself unconditionally



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