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It was Tuesday April 16th and I had planned to take the kids to the park after we had come from a meeting that was scheduled with one of our business friends. We had never brought the kids to one of our meetings but this time around they had to come due to timing.

The meeting ended up going longer than expected not only because we had to go over some details in the meeting but because the kids wanted to draw, sit on our laps and take potty breaks. I think it was 4 or 5 times they asked to go to the bathroom.

It wasn’t until that 5th time, the kids said they had to go to the bathroom, that my husband and I looked at each other knowing they were just wanting to go in and out. My husband asked if I could take them.

As I took turned to go down the hallway to the bathroom, the kids made a run for it, and I couldn’t get my “don’t run!” out quick enough. I witnessed my son slipped and land his head directly on the edge of a desk. He screamed, I screamed, but reacted quickly swooping him up and racing both my kids back to my husband.

By the time I got back to the meet room, my son had a huge knot on his head. He had stopped crying and just wanted to be held. We called the nurse and actually had a nurse assess him. Thankfully It was not serious as it looked when it initially happened.

That night, I could not sleep, I cried replaying the scene and all the what ifs. I just thank God His protection was over my son that it was not worse. I felt literally drained mentally and physically, even so much the next day I did not want to do anything!

I remember the nurse sharing a story of her son doing something similar when he was younger and completely took her out of her element…yet not long after that incident she ended up becoming a nurse. The nurse over the phone, at the end of our conversation said, “Welcoming to the Parent life!”

Its remarkable how events can literally effect how your body functions even if it wasn’t directly effected to your body. All I could do was ask God for peace and a peace of mind.

I am just thankful Bubs is good and his cheerful self, which makes momma a happy momma.



2 thoughts on “Drained….

  1. Mama Winfrey

    Stay tuned for many more sleepless nights. LOL God’s got ya.

    April 22, 2019 at 11:16 am Reply

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