Don’t Over do it!

Thought about this in a conversation with a friend the other day and had to share…

Any holiday associated with food, most likely there will be majority who will plan for some “fat burning” workouts prior to the holiday so they dont feel as bad about all the food thats bout to be consumed. I understand that…HOWEVER,
Some people go alittle too far to the point of possible injury that could jeopardize future exercise and progress.
Example: Doing something WAY out your regular routine all a sudden just to prepare for a feast day. Why would you use heavier weights that youre not ready for thinking its doing you some good?? OR using weights in a routine that involve movements not made to use weights??
Dont jeopardize yourself like that. Get a QUALITY smart workout in. If you’re going to throw down with food, do it, but get right back on your regular routine and make things happen.