Don’t Lose An Opportunity!

So I had a conversation with one of my staff members the other day as I was sharing a conversation I had with a potential person who is interested in personal training and working with a registered dietitian, however they were looking for someone who is closer to their age because they Felt that if that person was around their age they could understand everything they were going through. Now as I understand that thought process to an extent, my response back to this person was this:

It’s not the age of a person that is going to be able to provide the help that you’re looking for,  it’s the knowledge and background that they come with in what you’re asking for, that is going to help you.

I can attest to that because when I was in my late 20s I sat down with a gentleman who was 70 years old. I knew he had reservation about me but I held my ground and came with what I knew could help him get through his journey. his wall finally came down and allowed me to help him. Not only did he lose over 30 pounds in better health but we became the best of friends. He is now 78 years Old. 

I’ve also personally experienced earlier in my career where someone believed I could not help them in their training being that I was a female. I came to the conclusion that it was that person’s loss because without getting the chance to know me what I had to offer and the value that came along with it, That person would lose out on a lot of opportunities if they just based on their opinion rather than facts.

I’ve Embrace a lot of Process in my career and have learned a lot!

I say all of that to say there is so much that we all can learn from one another no matter the age, sex, race, or background. 

We don’t want to lose on an opportunity of the possibility of something great happening with the help of someone you may not perceive as someone who could help you. 



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