Do you really drink enough water??


Read this somewhere and it was a great reminder that needs to be shared because when I have a conversation with someone regarding nutrition the topics we talk about aren’t just about what we eat, but what we drink. What we drink plays a major factor in our journey of success as well. Some folks say, all I drink is water, no pop or juice. That is great! But to ensure that it is still being to the best benefit to you, the question is, are you getting enough of it in your system?


When we are able to maximize our bodies potential by delivering enough of the nutrients it needs, our body WILL respond!


One great rule of thumb most may have heard regarding how much water you should be drinking a day is to take your CURRENT bodyweight, divided by two. The number you get will equal how many ounces of water you should target for each day…yes each day.

Very important piece right here —-> As your weight changes so will the number of ounces you should get. Think of it just like for those who have to take medications. Their prescription is based off of their current bodyweight. If anything changes regarding weight, so will the prescription of medication, important, because your body will be handling/receiving too much or not enough.


Now for some of us who have struggled drinking water, like myself, taking your current¬† bodyweight divided by 2 and trying to drink that much in a day seems so far out of reach. Its all about being realistic and setting realistic goals. That’s what I did when I put myself through a 4 week challenge of drinking water instead of juice. I absolutely knew I could not force myself to drink that much water a day especially from the beginning of the challenge, when I was drinking minimum to begin with.

The KEY is…if what you have been drinking of water in ounces is so far off from your target of what you should be getting,¬† DO NOT try to hit that target full throttle unless you absolutely know you can. Be smart. If you can get an ounce or 2 more than what you have been drinking, that is a success within itself! You just keep building from there.


I know as proof because all I ever drank majority of was juice, so it was easy to know that I was drinking more water than I had before. Plus my body started craving more water. By the time I knew it, my body was releasing the toxins/sugars I was putting in my body, and I was replacing with purity of just plain water…I was losing weight and inches!!

So go ahead, pour yourself a glass of refreshing cool water and enjoy!!