Do NOT ignore the signs

So many of you already know this, or should know this- But with the winter season now in effect and sickness is spreading rapidly. I don’t know how many people within the past 2 weeks have been hit with the bug! That is why it is of utter importance that you protect yourself from the germs that are spread.

If you are a gym goer- spray your equipment BEFOREĀ  you use it (because you do not know if the person before you cleaned after themselves) and AFTER you use each piece of equipment. Either wash your hands or hit the anti-bacterial stations around the gym. If you do not respect that, there is a good chance you may grab the germs of someone else and it go through your immune system!

If you get the SLIGHTEST cough, itch in the throat, sniffle- DO NOT IGNORE THOSE SIGNS- The earlier you take action on those signs, the better chance you have of keeping the dreaded cold or worse from spreading deeper or simply a shorter “sick” period and can knock it out sooner rather than later.

Hit up those anti-oxidants, zinc, vit. c, nutrients that are meant to do its job for the immune system. Even a humidifier helps

Otherwise, be prepared to be good friends with a box of Kleenex, and “tasty” cold medicines (yuck).