Do Good, Feel Good

As you may Have seen recently made many trips to Kirkland’s. It is just a feel good place to be especially during the Christmas season, they know how to decorate the store as if you are walking into some kind of wonderland. As I made my trip through the store I came across some mugs and this specific one caught My eye. 

I didn’t even think twice of looking at any more mugs because this Simple phrase on this mug leaves a huge impact. Have you ever received something wonderful from someone that may have brought tears to your eyes, or had you grinning from ear to ear. Remember how that felt? Now can You imagine being the giver to someone who felt the same way you did receiving a gift? I know I can!

Most may have Seen the viral video of the Amazon delivery man expressing joy because of somebody else’s kind heart to think of others. Have you ever done something for someone it genuinely just felt good and motivated you even more? 

This season crosses paths with major holidays which are suppose to be filled with happiness, joy and love, but in a lot of people’s reality this is a tough season to grasp and get through. People have lost a loved ones wishing they were here, people are homeless and searching for a warm place, food, comfort, and peace…people are just going through a tough time and this season intensifies it. 

I am challenging each and everyone of you to do something good for another person without even the slightest thought of getting something in return other than that feel good effect. I promise you it will not only bless that person/family in a huge way but it will elevate you Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to do better in your life.



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