A few “Ingredients” used by my friend

For adults we have some ways we can Relax and detox our bodies from impurities: Just a couple popular ways we do that, is from using the steam room or sauna. 

Well what about children? Their small bodies still absorb impurities just like adults do. 

Although they may not be able to use a steam room and sauna, They have a a relaxing, fun, safe and healthy way to detox their bodies too!

Just earlier this week one of my good friends posted a link about How to give your children a detox bath. She has 4 beautiful children and shared How she gives a detox bath for them. I wanted to share this vital information because every so often it’s very beneficial to do this for our children as well. It’s one thing to give our children a bath where they can enjoy the bubbles but it’s another thing to give them a detox bath. So many great benefits.

Check out this article below on how to put a detox bath together for your kiddo and how they gain the benefits from it



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