Delicious NOT nutritious


This cherry pie takes me back to when I was a little girl I would buy cherry pies at the hostess store around the corner from my house.¬† My husband’s job had a fundraiser where they were selling apple and cherry fried pies.
When he called me and told me they were selling them I could not turn it down. It tasted like a glazed doughnut with juicy cherries. My my my!!
I am sharing this with you just to prove that the journey in health and fitness isn’t all squeaky clean as some people may think it is especially when it comes to someone who works in the health and fitness Industry.
Some people think I eat chicken broccoli and brown rice all the time lol better believe that yes I do eat healthy the majority of the time but my journey is not fake, I will have my junk days.
This cherry pie would definitely not be listed under my nutritious and delicious category even if it says cherries! (I KNOW there’s someone reading this who is saying, but it has fruit in it!).
If I listed the ingredients of this cherry fried pie it would make somebody who was not diabetic become diabetic just from looking at it. Lol.
I would definitely tell you it tastes delicious, but it does not do anything nutritiously for my body. Believe it or not a lot of people are eating nutritionless¬† kinds of foods like this Week-in and week-out and that’s the message I want to get across.
We will have our no so good days where we want something that doesn’t necessarily fit the nutritious and delicious category, & that’s alright from time to time. The main goal/focus in this journey is to maintain a smart path that will keep you the healthiest you can be inside and out.