This past Sunday service was so good I couldn’t wait to share it with YOU.
Honestly, a lot of the sermons I hear and let marinate afterwards, I can see how it can relate to ones health and fitness. Below I would like to share with you the notes I took, and from it, you can see what I mean by relating to your health and fitness…
This specific message was about as a Christ follower you find out there are promises in the bible for YOU…But you soon find that those very promises might take longer than expected.
That “longer” period is also known as a DELAY.

but guess what? “A delay does not mean a denial”- Unknown

No matter what promises you find in the bible, they are all YES

There are some things that take time, which God is molding you for.


What do you do in that time frame, “in-between time”, before the promise is manifested?
1. Don’t be afraid- During your journey, God is right by your side!
2. Don’t worry- worry never added an inch to your stature and worry doesn’t change anything!!
3. Don’t get discouraged- everything that is worthwhile takes time
4. Don’t forget- why you got started, and God is equipping you for the manifestation.

So many of us stop/quit right before knowing that their manifestation is about to occur right around the corner!! Don’t get weary

Know that;
God’s time zone is different than ours
God’s perspective is different than ours
God knows everything, we know a little–> God sees everything, we only see part of it


God doesn’t do quick, He does QUALITY

If you ever feel like you are in a delay through your journey, know God has faith in you and you should too. Through that delayed time period He is still working on you!!!

Stay encouraged everyone!!