This past Sunday church service was a great reminder to me of choices made and not sharing this vital message to others would be of a disservice. The Sunday message was titled; DECISIONS.

I just want to share what was shared with me, how this correlates with YOU and YOUR health & fitness journey.

The decisions we make affect our lives in an enormous way. Some of the decisions we make are not easy. They reveal our value, define our goals, create activity, form commitment, become habit, involve tension, create challenges, can make things harder or worse before they become better, have consequences, take TIME, pay off and with the right decisions made, lead you into the right direction.

Making a decision is one thing….STICKING to it is another.

If this doesn’t sound too much like what we go through in our health & fitness journey, I don’t know what does!!


One thing the Pastor said that struck greatly was “Faith is risky, but unbelief is deadly”. You have to have faith that you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you don’t believe that, no one else will.


Lastly, decisions, good decisions, can make you go public. Remember, if you choose to share your journey with others,  it will make you and hold you accountable for the things you share. Hold true to your decisions and see them through!!!