Date Night

You always hear couples and when I say couples, I’m specifically speaking of married couples, say how important date nights are in your relationship. It is so true. I understand more now then I did before because when we don’t make this happen for ourselves, we start losing ourselves as the couple we once were before starting a family. We get caught in this rut just cycling over and over and not enjoying ourselves like we should. 

It’s very seldom we go out all dressed up, but when we do….we make sure we looking right!

I was feeling right and tight in my outfit I must say😉🤣

I must be honest, Morris and I would describe ourselves as homebodies and have not taken a lot of time for ourselves to have date nights just because we never plan any! (Ugh) but we did this past weekend and had a ball! 

It’s so invigorating to feel that sense like when we were dating each other back then. 

We will have to begin scheduling at least 2-3 times a month, a date night for ourselves. 

Shoot….the school that Bubs and Rey attend offer Parents night out every so often and the school watches the kiddos…,but how do we end up taking advantage? I grocery shop and Morris be knocked out sleep 🤣 

I even saw another parent couple out grocery shopping, whose Kids attend the same school as ours and we started laughing because this is how we chose to utilize parents night out. But I say all of that to say, my hubby and I need to be intentional in using those opportunities to get out, just have fun…and it doesn’t have to be major. 

While on our date night, I was inspired to do a quick video of mommy and daddy having a good time, to show the kids so that they too can see the importance of couples having a good time together. 

When I showed them the video, to see the Smiles on their faces was priceless.

 Check it out…

Parents Night Out

Moral of the story… date nights are essential! 



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