Dance In Health and Love

This year has come with some amazing highs and some heavy lows. 

What I am sharing in my blog today is an amazing high. 

I celebrated three wonderful birthdays within a week and a half. My mom, husband and grandmother. All of them are so very special to me. 

Extra special specifically to my grandmother because she is my last living grandparent here on earth and any time spent with her is precious. She celebrated her 86th birthday. 

I get my spunk and tenacity from my grandmother.  

I remember years ago when I was just getting into the fitness industry and my family knowing how passionate I was about health and fitness my grandmother had called to ask if I had a resistance bands or dumbbells that she could use to keep yourself moving in the house. She no longer uses a resistance bands or dumbbells   but she keeps her self moving through dance. My Gma loves to dance!

So when I seen her for the first time in a long time I made sure not only would I make her laugh but we would have a good time dancing and she did plenty of it. I could feel her happiness and joy and that’s how I know dance is a form of health and love.

this is how my Grandma was throughout the weekend. Dancing and laughing. As it should

Get It GMa



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