Current Point

So some of you may remember I took myself through a 4 week challenge where I completely eliminated juice because that was my go to beverage for everything And all I was doing was basically drinking sugar day in and day out. I made it a discipline To allow myself the time to purify and change the way I thought about my wants and needs.

Before starting that challenge, it was way deeper than that because I had to understand that that place I was in 2017, where I was battling so many things, was the foundation of my reality and once I recognized that, that’s when my change started to occur. Not physically….but mentally. I want people to understand that the foundation of my reality wasn’t because I knew I was out of shape and needed to get it back together, it was realizing WHY I got out of shape, everything that led me to that point.

Because I allowed myself that time to change my thought process, where I am currently, I have been able to re-introduced juice back in but very sparingly. My palette is so charged toward water or tea, that my urge for juice is no longer. I have been working very hard up to this point and will continue to make some tweaks in no rush. 

I wanted to share with others who may be going through the same thing or just beginning… One of my favorite sayings “In order to get change, you have to make change”. It’s not all about the physical or what exercises you can do to get you right and tight….It’s so much more than that. Those are the kind of principles that I try to instill in my clients and understand through their journey.

Once I conquered my anxiety, depression, frustrations, and unhappiness, which by the way was my foundation of reality, I Was able to conquer and be more confident in other things I took on through my health and fitness journey. As I’ve always said the journey will always continue it’s never an end point. I keep pressing on….

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