COSI Family Fun
The Dinosaur Exhibit

So excited

This blog ties in to the parent and kid blog I shared in 2019 titles “Building Experience”. The experiences we share with our children can last for a very long time Especially when it deals with traveling different places to brighten their imagination.

We recently decided to take a mini vacation to COSI, a Local trip. The last time mommy took a trip to COSI was on a school field trip, I was probably 9 or 10 years old!!

However, it left an impression on me because of everything I could remember, the stars and constellations exhibit was what “wowed” me. I knew I wanted the kids to experience that!

At the stats and constellation exhibit.

Bubs wanted to try out the NASA Rocket toilet 🤣

I am going to tell you this was one of the best family, all day trips we have taken. The kids were never bored and there was so much to do.
Because there was a lot of science and history involved with the exhibits we visited, they were always intrigued and asking questions and we loved it!

Science a la carte- A Rat race

“Spin Wheel”

when you are taking advantage of trips such as this in hopes to build experience for them, just sit back and watch them soak in everything they are seeing and hearing. It is truly a satisfying feeling for the parents.

I recommend taking your kids go at least one trip to COSI. It’s all about building the experience, having family time and having fun!!!



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