Core Moves

3 core Moves you can incorporate to strengthen your abs!

Core Moves

As I always remind clients. You must initiate your core muscles before performing the actual exercise.

How do you initiate your abdominals?
Take a look at this illustration of your abdominal wall.

The linea alba which is the Vertical line that connects to your belly button All the way down to the pubic bone.

When you are doing Core exercises think of it as a game. Think about the linea alba trying to separate….to prevent it from separating you have to keep it together by:

  • pulling in your belly button toward you let spine
  • squeezing/tightening those muscles you see in the picture That surround the linea alba.
  • tucking in your hips

these few tips will help to initiate your core muscles the right way before performing an exercise That way you get the full benefit.

Make it Right, get it Tight!!💪🏽



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