Constant Reminder

So both of these things happened to me the same day and I look at it as a constant reminder for me and a definte share for others.

Its been over a month that I have experienced butterflies appearing wherever I go. I mean, I actually take notice to them no matter what I am doing. I mean I can literally see them while driving on the highway! (that’s cray).

I have heard numerous meanings of what seeing butterflies appear before you could mean. The only one that makes most sense to me is new beginnings. If you’ve read any of my past blog posts, I feel new beginnings fit the best. My mindset has started changing and how I embrace LIFE!! The other day when this particular butterfly landed on my CRACKED window and held on for a good 5 minutes as I drove to take my Rey to her dance class, I knew it meant SOMETHING. Sometimes I think pretty deep on what things could mean, and the best explanation that came to me at that time is, the crack window represented ME, I mess up, I fall, things don’t go right at times etc etc, BUT GOD appears and reminds me to HOLD ON (as the butterfly did and represents strength and the new beginning that is ahead of me), DONT LET GO, DONT GIVE UP!!!

As I took my daughter to dance class, I sat down thinking I would get a moment to just chill….no- Bubs wanted to go outside and walk. I felt drained, but I felt I’d rather go ahead get up keep moving instead of deal with the drama of a toddler.

As we walked around the building complex, which took about 5-8 minutes, we passed by my car twice. Do you know the butterfly was STILL THERE??!! I actually walked up to my car and talked to the butterfly lol (cant remember exactly what I said, but it was to the effect of, you are a strong butterfly…) by the time we made it around the 3rd time, the butterfly was gone.


I am thankful for that moment I saw with the butterfly but also the time to share with my bubs who just wanted to get out for some fresh air. I cant take those moments for granted. We need to pay attention to our surroundings and just be grateful for even the smallest of things. DONT LET GO and DONT GIVE UP!!