Conserve My Energy

Have you ever took the time to notice how you utilize your energy throughout the day?
What I mean by that question is what do we choose to spend time listening to, focusing on, and reacting to.

My cousin posted this the other day and it caught my attention. Some good points that it made in how we choose to save or spend our energy.

I know I can say that EACH of these I need to start doing way more of because I get so caught up in things that really are not important and takes precious energy from me.
I noticed my energy being drained when I focus too much on what social media is saying and I can tell by my attitude and mindset.
Spending too much time on work when I need to be resting or enjoying just simple relaxation time. Everything has a trickling affect. I feel anxious emotional, and agitated. That alone has zapped my energy.

I wanted to share this with you because I felt these points were great highlights we may or may not be taking advantage of. I KNOW I still have some work to do, and make more habit of precious time.

I know I take time to relax, reflect and restore, but how often do I do that over being on my phone, being on social media, working etc? I know I have to protect/conserve my energy more, so that I can GIVE more to the important things in my life…my well being, and my family.

What about YOU?!



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