Make it right, get back tight


My dear FB Fitness friend was on point on what she said and I’m glad she shared this not only to help her but to help others who want to stay right and tight. There are consequences when you convince yourself “just this time” or you just “let go”. This journey is not perfect and we will fall from time to time, but those who get back up and on track are the ones who will succeed. Also, the importance too, is that we can have fun living a healthy lifestyle, vacation or not. When we fall off from being healthy and get in that rut, our body reminds us what healthy & to feel good felt like.

“On the left is how I look on a regular..
The right picture is me now, after being on vacation, not eating clean, eating foods that I’m allergic causes me to swell up and I retain water, at this point I feel miserable and uncomfortable, I’m sharing this with you so that you can ask yourself is it worth it, not eating healthy and not living a healthy lifestyle??? As for me…lesson learned and no it’s not, it’ll take at least a week for me to return to my normal self.”