Online Personal Training Experience:

My name is Maria and I am a former high school athlete, Army veteran and full-time adult student.
I made the decision to get back into shape because it’s a journey I’ve struggled with for the last 3 years. From depression, to emotional eating, knee surgery, grief from the loss of a loved one, being lazy, stress, I have a combination of things that lead me down a destructive, unhealthy path.

I hate how my clothes fit, I hated not having stamina, I hated buying bigger clothes, not feeling sexy for myself and not being able to dance/move the way I use to.
I chose 4Star Fitness because of my continued, strong relationship with the owner who I met through my previous job at the Eric Snow Y. I was one of her wellness coaches and Zumba instructor.
The process was easy getting starting, well at least the talking part. It was easy for me to talk to Crystal about literally EVERYTHING. My eating, WHY I was eating, not being afraid to confess how bad my diet and activity levels were. She reminded me of the first time we met, easy to talk to, non-judgmental, approachable and of course inspiring.
My experience through the program was challenging. At first I was so quick to tell myself “Oh you can’t do that. You’re not strong enough.” But then I realized once I tried an exercise, even if I had to modify, I was able to do so many things. Even as the workouts got my challenging, I was able to push myself. I didn’t criticize myself for taking a rest in between reps, as long as I kept my form and finished the round.
My take away from the program after seeing my before & after photos and measurements, it’s really about YOU. You have to be motivated, disciplined, be able to say NO to sabotage, but also be able to say YES to having a small treat. She has helped me understand that food isn’t my enemy. Eating healthy does make the program work, but stressing over food is unnecessary. I’m not always going to be perfect and I don’t have to be. At the end of the day it’s about YOU and the decisions you make and of course listening to your body. This is a lifestyle change for me,, a BIG one and something I will continue to adhere to, hopefully being able to help others as well. On a fun note, my husband who is also a Veteran, has started his own positive changes, ever since I started working with 4Star Fitness. Fitness can and IS truly contagious. Thank you Crystal!