Classic Workout

The Jump Rope Workout…Is a classic work out!


You can do this workout anywhere anytime and take a jump rope anywhere with you! It’s one of those workouts that if you were on a vacation, business trip or simply just having trouble figuring out what to do for exercise, jump rope would rank as one of the go-to’s to get your fitness in.

Your upper and lower body are actively moving simultaneously targeting your arms, thighs, calf’s and ankle stability while you are conditioning your cardiovascular system. Enough said!

I perform a few variety of ways to jump rope too.

Jump rope could very well be performed pseudo style mimicking the jumps in stepping motion while moving your arms as if you were twirling an actual jump rope.

Jump rope workouts can be done by time or reps. Which ever you choose, choose a realistic number of sets you would like to complete that can make an actual workout. Trust me, you will be good to go.

Here are a few jump rope exercises:

Let’s Jump!

If you’ve never tried a jump rope workout or haven’t done it in a while, this may be a workout you want to include in your regime!



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