Choose Your Battles

So Sunday, July 14th, I posted on social media:

Happy and mentally prepared

The challenge is on!
Even as a fitness trainer, I like to challenge myself In my health and fitness lifestyle because it motivates me and keeps me accountable.
I can’t speak for everyone else but I know for me, sometimes if I don’t put a challenge out in front of me it’s so easy to get distracted and and allow myself to fall off of track.
I am reminded by a phrase I wrote years ago..”As much as you have power to do right… Do right”
When temptation calls as a distraction from a healthy and fit lifestyle that I have chosen, I will not let that temptation and distraction get the best of me each and every time to the point where I feel like I am totally out of whack. I am going to push passed it and stay in line with the goals I want for myself!
Going into this new week as I do each week, I prepare myself with supportive nutrition and fitness routines that will keep me in line. Only this time I am not allowing those distractions to get the best of me!

Are you in for your own personal challenge to conquer? Let’s go!!

The VERY next day…Monday, The beginning of a new week, I walk into work and see this foolishness…


During the first week, temptation and distraction flooded. Homemade Chocolate wedding cake, homemade wedding punch, just to name a few. Not to mention, this was all provided at my job!!! It came hard! At one point I took a plate of the homemade wedding cake being convinced by others how great it was. So while I was eating my healthy I grabbed the cake and placed it on my table to share with a staff member. I could have at least taken a bite if I wanted to, but I KNOW MYSELF…Even if I took that bite, it would have turned into another bite, which would then increase my sweet tooth and craving for it.

It may sound like I am taking it hard or too serious but if you think about it, especially when someone is trying to do better, achieve goals and make a difference, why, especially in the beginning of a journey would you dangle or make it so easy to give in?

It is a mental toughness battle, but if you want to achieve, you have to be willing to say no so that you can grow stronger and at least make it worthwhile so that when you (I) decide to have that cake (or whatever), you can say, I made it worth it to get to this point where I can have that cake! You have to choose your battles!

Sidenote- Choosing your battles, not only applies to our health and fitness journey, but most certainly applies to our everyday lives outside of health and fitness journey as well.

Philippians 4:13Verse Concepts

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Deuteronomy 20:1-9

“When you go out to battle against your enemies and see horses and chariots and people more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, who brought you up from the land of Egypt, is with you. “When you are approaching the battle, the priest shall come near and speak to the people. “He shall say to them, ‘Hear, O Israel, you are approaching the battle against your enemies today. Do not be fainthearted. Do not be afraid, or panic, or tremble before them



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