Chit Chat in School, Lunch, and Circle Time Exercise

Some days can be so difficult in figuring out what to whip up for your kiddos to make sure they get the nutrients they need for the say My kiddos have been back in daycare for a little over a month now so that they can have somewhat of a summer Interaction with another small group of kids and of course do some learning. 

In this pandemic time it was a tough decision but it was also safe and comforting decision knowing they would have a better structure of their food intake, play, learning, and naps. The structure they had at home intermingled with our work schedules was just too inconsistent and the kids needed more. 

Anywho, When it came to food intake, i’m not sure about you as a parent, but when I make their lunches I Have this mindset that I’d rather provide more than not enough in the case they were to be still hungry.

Now that my kiddos are getting older they are becoming more vocal about what I put in their lunch and I try to listen intensively because I don’t want them to waste any food they need not be wasted.

I will normally ask them how they liked their lunch and if they said it was good then I am definitely going to make it again but I try not to do it to consistently back to back so they don’t get bored. 

My focus for them is to always try and have a protein, fruit, some kind of dairy and whole-grain if possible. If they are not having any reaction to any of those food groups then I try to incorporate all of them.

Sometimes it’s just a hit and miss. 

I learned through this process, although it may not happen the way your kiddos may ask for it, a simple ask of what they like to eat can give some ideas. Just this most recently on my out way home from picking them up I asked how their day went and Rey said “ Mommy, everyone was staring at me during lunch” and when I asked her why she said “because they liked my lunch and was going to tell their mommies to make them a lunch like mine” 🤣🤣🤣

Anywho, So I did a little interview on Rey to candidly tell me her a little about school and her lunch time If they are not having any reaction to any of those food groups then I try to incorporate all of them.


The Chit Chat

Circle time Fitness

I came up with this idea as I was getting ready to do my work out but decided that before I did my actual work out that we were trying to do something together and the idea of circle time came up! When they heard me say circle time their ears and eyes lit up because that’s the same terminology to use in daycare.

I made a circle of a few colorful items that will spur their attention. We kept the exercise sure but just enough that they were active and had fun. The whole purpose was not only to get them moving but I said to shine some light on them by calling them to the center of the circle and having them do A favorite exercise.
Parents, I highly encourage you to do the same! Even if you don’t have equipment you can use chairs or whatever you can think of creatively to form a circle and make it happen!

Circle Time Fitness




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