Chair Exercises For the Core

Below I have made a few videos that demonstrates core exercises using a CHAIR!! Not everyone can get down on the floor or use other core/ab related machines when exercising.

The few chair exercises that I demonstrate can be done for ALL fitness levels. Please keep in mind ALL fitness levels can do the SAME METHOD of exercises but do them a bit differently by way of intensity (range of motion, speed)

I have actually use these chair exercises for my core exercises since I don’t get on the floor too much other than to do core/pelvic strengthening exercises (which can be found under the MIRGIT tab- POST PREGNANCY core progression). It has helped me POST pregnancy and taken less pressure off my core after having children. I still feel the effectiveness of the exercises even from a higher position rather than the floor.

Check them out!!


Sit closer to the front of the chair. This exercise will be based off of range of motion/flexibility. Not only will you work your core muscles doing this exercise, but you should also feel a nice stretch for your back. As you twist, you are lowering yourself towards/between your knees. You must tighten your abdominals (pulling belly button in towards spine) as you start twisting and moving forward.

Sitting closer to the front of the chair, slightly tilt back until you feel your abdominals brace (tighten). Holding on to both sides of the chair the object is to MAKE YOURSELF lift up and over to the opposite side. No matter if its a high lift or low lift off the floor, you have braced your hip flexors and abdominals with the motion.

Sit closer to the front of the chair. That will allow you to tilt backwards to add a bit of challenge to the exercise, as well as make the abdominals start to brace for the movement. The goal is elbow to/towards knee, while doing a torso rotation. Not only are you working the abdominals, but by lifting your foot from the floor, you target your hip flexors, which in turn help target low abs.

Back my stay in a “flat back” position in order to achieve the purpose of this exercise. That means NO SLOUCHING or ROUNDING of the back or shoulders. As you tilt forward, abdominals are in “brace” mode (belly button driven in to help back). Only go as far as flexibility will allow. If you start to slouch or roll back/shoulders at a certain point during the tilt, don’t go any further! Start moving back into the upright position.

Performing at an incline! Brace abdominals by pulling belly in towards spine. Try  to keep that brace while shifting front to back by feet. The slightest movement is sure to give the abs and back a challenge. NO SLOUCHING at the low back & NO BUTT UP IN AIR. Try to keep spine linear to achieve the best from this exercise.