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PREGNANCY BLOG INTRO…How it all started

PPBLOG6Choosing to share this part of my life has been difficult but yet the most rewarding too. I choose to share it because not only do I know someone else has been in the same shoes I have, but I know sharing will also help others too. Its a Blog/story of perseverance and faith. Yes, it may bring tears of sadness when one reads, but I promise it will bring tears of joy as well.
2013, my husband and I found out we were pregnant and of course as any first time parents would be, we were elated. Still in my first trimester, I noticed bleeding and that’s when I knew something was terribly wrong. Heartbroken to the core, my husband and I found out we had lost our child. I remember that day vividly, going back home then leaving because I just could not bare to stay and had to get away to clear my thoughts. Ironically I made my way to the gym, the only place at the time I knew would get my mind off of what had happened.
As I left the gym the sky opened up and HUGE raindrops fell, you could actually see the rain drops they were so big. The sun was shining at the same time, which made the raindrops glisten. The one thing I remember most as I made my way to my car as I looked up at the sky was a double rainbow. The rainbow as I was growing up and learned in church signified God’s promise. When I saw that I lost it and broke down in the rain. I don’t remember crying that hard in a while.
Fast-forward to November 2013, we found out we were pregnant again! The feeling of knowing that lifted my heart up tremendously but once again we were tested. In December, right before heading on vacation, blood tests revealed that my progesterone levels were very low and could cause another loss, so that meant I had to take medicine to increase my levels just to keep on with my pregnancy. All went well and I made it through my first trimester. Just when I thought all was good, VALENTINES DAY I started bleeding again. As we drove to the emergency room, we prayed and I felt a sense of calmness and reassurance that everything would be ok. When we got to the hospital I had to go through a few tests that were very uncomfortable just to get an ultrasound. Once it was time to get the ultrasound, it took the nurse about 10 minutes to do what they had to before telling us the news. They turned the screen around and asked us if we wanted to hear our baby’s heartbeat. Hearing and seeing our baby ALIVE and well was the BEST news I had ever received. I later found out that my placenta had torn causing the bleed. I was put on bed rest for a few days and given strict orders of no exercise until the hematoma that had formed on my placenta got smaller. Once I was cleared to exercise, my exercise was strictly pool or walking. That’s exactly what I did for the last 4-5 months of my pregnancy. The blogs after this are my journey photos of during and after pregnancy.
I must say, after all I went through, knowing my background of athleticism, a trainer/group instructor and being looked upon as a health and fitness motivator, I knew my body was about to make some major changes, but that was the LEAST thing I was concerned about. All I wanted was to have a healthy baby. So in these next blogs you will see me EMBRACING my pregnancy, having fun and smiling.

I knew, when the time was right and I could get back to my normal workout routines and journey to my make it right, get back tight plan, it would happen. Until then, keeping myself and our baby healthy & safe was priority.

Welcome to my journey of faith, patience, perseverance through pregnancy into becoming a mother.

Rey’s First time in pool

So as most of you have seen from recent posts, I am back in the water conditioning myself for baby#2 just as I did with Reygan. A few weeks ago hubby and I decided it was time to introduce Rey to the pool and see how she would react… Here you go…..


IRONICALLY….the two ladies who seen me swim through my pregnancy with Rey, just happened to be at the pool swimming as well and had the chance to see REYGAN outside my belly, swimming on her own! LOL


Love it!!!!!


I can start back light exercise


Took advantage of a gorgeous day by taking a 2 mile walk in one of the Metro Parks


So after all of the mayhem and basically doing no type of physical activity, my check-up with my doctor finally came. This check up was a normal routine to see the baby’s growth and to make sure the hematoma that formed on my placenta was shrinking. To my delight, not only was my bundle of joy growing on time, my hematoma was getting smaller and smaller. Small enough that my doctor gave me the ok to start light activity which was walking or swimming.
With that good news, I knew I could start somewhere and get my body moving. I planned out that each week I would commit to swimming twice a week and the other days, do my walking. My swimming would take place at my job, and it would have to happen before I started work. So I started getting up earlier on my swimming days and get at least 45 minutes of water activity. My treadmill or park days, my goal was to walk 1 mile. Reality got real when I noticed walking on the treadmill that 2.5 mph was about a comfortable speed for me, compared to walking at 3.5-4.0 mph before pregnancy. The whole focus was to just MOVE!
I was able to sustain this commitment all the way through my 9th month of pregnancy and I just kept thanking the good Lord for giving me the strength, perseverance and faith that He would get me through it all!

Feeling good and stronger


Doing my pregnancy muscle pose before I head in the pool


The more consistent I stayed with my swimming and walking routines, the better I felt mentally, physically and spiritually. I knew what I was doing, even with it being considered light exercise, was doing me a world of good, especially when it came time to deliver.

I kept my time spent walking and swimming the same, but how much I was able to do within that time, increased.

The “BIG” walk…Susan B. Komen 5K

walkingpreg2To date, my mom is a 5 year breast cancer survivor. She has been participating in the Susan B. Komen 5k walk every year and I support her by participating in almost all of the walks with her and our family. This walk, however, would prove to be my test of endurance seeing that I had only been walking, at the most, 1 mile and the 5k was 3 miles. In saying that, I didn’t let that scare me, I knew I was prepared and equipped to do a 3 mile walk. We all took our time and had a blast! Music can be heard throughout the walk, to keep people motivated and having a good time. Being the comedian I am, at one point in the walk, Michael Jackson’s song P.Y.T was playing, and I busted out in a little M.J dance. I felt great after it all and even more excited that once again my mom had completed yet another 5k walk!

Rey of Sunshine…She arrives


Aug. 23rd, 2014, our babygirl was born. I always had it in my mind/heart that when I had a child, I would go natural, and that’s just what I did. Not only do I thank God for giving me the strength to endure almost 12 hours of natural labor, but he equipped me to do so, allowing me to be able to condition my body through the walking and swimming.
Our babygirl’s name is Reygan. Growing up I always heard the song, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” but that song NOW, holds a lot of meaning to me after the journey my husband and I went through. The name means A LOT to me not just because I loved the name but it signified something big. The day we found out we lost our first child, and I witnessed the rain, sun and double rainbow, the name Reagan suddenly stuck with me. I changed the way it was spelled to make it more “girl” appropriate. She is literally my REY of sunshine.
The sun was shining bright through the rain all the while The REYnbow appeared across the sky. So when I say her name it reminds me of the sunshine through the rain, and the double rainbow.
When Reygan was born, and I got to see and hold her for the first time, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” was the first song I sang to her.
We are truly blessed.

Happy face…its time for my Make it right get back tight, fitness journey

So 6 weeks post pregnancy, I went for my checkup and got the thumbs up that I could return back to my normal workout routines. This was my facial expression….


My very FIRST post pregnancy workouts videos

My progression to make it right, get back tight

Here are photo compilations of my 9 month pregnancy and every photo thereafter, are post pregnancy. Working my way back to fit. I would take photos every 2 weeks. The journey was hard and slow, as to be expected, but to be honest, I enjoyed the pace and getting to know myself through the process of it all. I was a MOTHER now, with responsibilities, and in knowing that, my health was a priority to me so that I could be the best I could be mentally and physically to my daughter.

I immediately felt the difference in change with my body. Core, low back, hips, groin, upper body, was definitely weak. The things I use to be capable of, it wasn’t happening anytime soon. Trying to jump back into my regular workout routines full force was a no-no. Knowing that I had to strengthen back those areas before I could really get back to what I knew, was going to be the best option and work my way up. My mentality through it all was I was going to stay positive through it all even when it got frustrating. Sometimes I would focus on my small “tiger stripes” on the sides of my waist and pushed out belly button that use to be an inny I gained during my 9 month of pregnancy. I came to conclusion that focusing on that was not going to help anything, embrace it because it was a part of me becoming a mother. There were definitely times through the journey my progress stayed right where it was and didn’t budge. Other times, I didn’t want to eat healthy and just eat whatever, and I did. However, I didn’t let myself go, I always kept clear in my mind why I was on this journey and I was going to stick with it. I fell sometimes, but I stayed disciplined enough to get back on track and keep going.



The photo on the left I measured a whopping 48.5in around the belly. The photo on the right is 6 weeks post pregnancy I measured at 35.5in


Top right, in the orange was 8 weeks post and the bottom photo was 10 weeks post


Top right, in yellow is 12 weeks post and the bottom photo is me in my “regular” clothes. I compared my 12 week photo in yellow, with my 6 week photo and knew I was heading the right direction.

Getting to this point….It CAN be done!

I am extremely pleased and proud of myself knowing where I started and where I am now. My journey back to fit, I can say I have accomplished. By no means do I have a flat stomach, but guess what, its a lot stronger and tighter than it once was. I was able to gain and define my body back to a musculature frame. My motivation? My Rey of Sunshine.  Getting to this point in my journey was long but I was willing to do the work. Truth be told, the journey still continues. Its not all about how I look but more so how I FEEL. I want this emotion of feeling good to be maintained for the long run. That means, continuing doing what I’ve been doing. IT CAN BE DONE!!!


Participated in our 2015 Eric Snow YMCA Ironman Triathlon Challenge.



Top picture, my 2014 “journey in my pregnancy was “blossoming”. Bottom left, Was it before and after- my ninth month stage and then all the hard work I worked for to get myself back to fit. Bottom right, Aug. 29th, 2015, my sister’s beautiful wedding and a beautiful portrait of me, my mom, my sissy, and my father! the dress Im wearing, my sister contacted all of the bridesmaids and let them know we had to try on dresses before a certain date unfortunately that they just so happen to be not long after I gave birth to Reygan! When I tried on the dress it was 6 sizes bigger the lady asked me if I wanted To keep the size or make it a couple sizes smaller before her actual wedding. Knowing the person I am and being a competitor I wasn’t going to say just a couple sizes, I wanted to be back in the dress size I use to wear. I wanted to rock it at my sissy’s wedding. In that pic, I’m rocking the dress size I said I was going to get in. Was the journey to get to that point peaches & cream? Hell no, but I did the work and always kept my eyes on the prize.


bridemaid dress

My Sister sent this to me this photo with the caption “go head with yo bad self” lol!!! I must say, sissy, I think I did you justice getting myself back to fit come your wedding day. Lol All the time, patience, time, perserverance a.k.a hard work paid off!

“Those that say it can’t be done should get out of the way o those doing it”-Chinese Proverb