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My Vulnerability…Its time to share

This past Sunday Pastor Carl Lentz shared…Embrace the process, not just the start, not just the finish, but the whole journey. We tend to show (especially on social media) our good days but not the bad days. When in actuality most can relate to the bad then the good…

He couldn’t have said it at a better time with what I was holding in my heart for a while…

I titled this 14min 40sec video My Vulnerability…its time to share

If you have time to listen in, please do….

Thanks in advance!

Link to the post:

Journey Back to FIT Week 1 physically



Monday- Oct. 10th

Sept. 29th- 166lbs

A.M-Measurement waist- 37.5


5 laps w/ board

2 sets of hip mobility without DB’s

2 sets of Squats

2 sets of 1 minute Mtn. Climbers and Plank Scissors

Tuesday- Oct. 11th

15 minute treadmill-

3.5 mph walk for 10 minutes

4.5 mph jog for 2 minutes

3.7 mph walk for 3 minutes

15 minute Cybex-

1 set of 10 each- Core progression #1,2,3 (found in the RIGHT & TIGHT Video section)

Wednesday- Oct. 12th- REST

Thursday- Oct. 13th


8 laps

2 sets of Hip mobility routine with DB’S

1 set of 10 Front Step lunges

1 minute Mtn. Climbers

1 minute Plank Scissors

1 minute DB Upper body Water fly

1 minute DB T Triceps Pushdown

Friday- Oct. 14th

A.M-Measurement waist- 36.5in


ZUMBA- Danced to 4 songs

15 min. Cybex

1 set of Core progression #1, 2, 3

My Journey Back to Fit (2nd Edition)



1st week post, 3rd week post, & 6 week post

He has finally arrived!!

PhotoGrid_1471712717490With the Olympics almost over, I still wanted to keep this in Olympic theme…

Mama brought in the GOLD!!!!

With GREAT pleasure we’d like to Welcome….

Brendan Glen “Duke” Ellington

Aug.19 8lb 10oz 21in long…

Are 💖 has grown even bigger.

Thank you God for yet another precious blessing..

#MamahasaSON #DaddyisPROUD #ReyisabigSISTER


The Scooter…




Almost two years later and I’m back in the adult grocery scooter per moms orders!! Lol. my mom won’t have any other way lol as soon as we stop at a grocery store she says ” when we get in here you’re grabbing a seated cart” she knows i want to walk but i aint arguing with her. Lol my response “yes ma’am.


On another note….This is MY LAST time speaking on this…I just want to give some pregnancy etiquette to some folks who may not know and to folks who DO know but still feel the need to say something….


When a woman who is pregnant has reached the stage of being 9 months it’s most likely that she has dealt with plenty of comments throughout her journey and earlier in the stages it may be cute hee-hee haha but once they have reached the point where it’s almost time to give birth they are tired exhausted and just want to meet their child. At no point are they possibly as cheerful as they once were to yet again here someone possibly ask if they’re having twins or have some reiterate how big they have gotten or anything within those lines… it gets old. To simply say Good luck or congrats would suffice. For me, I honestly have been able to keep a smile on my face but I’m pretty sure I had exhibited “that look” aka “RBF” a few times when enough is enough…lol

I KNOW, im bigger than my last pregnancy and that’s to be expected apparently with your second child but I am also a petite woman so it definitely makes me appear bigger but guess what my child is at a healthy weight and im happy with that!

Its all good folks!!



An Inspiration…Martha Cox. A Y Story to be told



As the Health & Wellness Director at the Eric Snow YMCA, there is no excuse for me to look the other way when it comes to my fitness when I have it all right there within my job! As some members know and have witnessed, I have been keeping myself busy during my pregnancy in the pool. I believe it’s one of the safest and greatest feelings ever during pregnancy and that’s what I chose to do to keep myself in shape and conditioned for the big day! I did the same exact thing, right here at the Eric Snow YMCA, when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2014.

While going through that journey, I met a few people who helped encourage me while I did my water routines. One in particular was Martha Cox. We always seemed to have the same schedule, both in the pool doing our workouts. We would have little conversation during our pool workouts, and after, she would reassure me that what I was doing was great.

About a few months ago, Martha happen to be at the Y when I brought my daughter in to introduce her to the very pool I did my workouts in when I was pregnant with her! Martha got a chance to see her swim, and I thought it was so ironic yet the best timing.

Fast forward to Thursday, August 04, 2016, almost 2 years later, Martha has yet again watched me condition myself in the pool with my 2nd pregnancy. While we both did our workout routines that day, something just touched my heart and felt compelled to ask Martha if she would be willing to share her Y story of why she attends the Y. My reasoning?  She is so consistent, and to be honest, her age is what struck me to ask in the first place. When Martha stepped out of the pool we began the conversation and I was blown away.

Martha is 88 years young. She tries to come and swim at the Y daily, doing 30 minutes, non-stop of swim laps. When asked what keeps her motivated to do what she does she replied “I use my swimming as devotion, each length I swim I think of a scripture”. Now, earlier, I had commented to one of the lifeguards, how well Martha swam and she must have been some star swimmer when she was younger. HA! As Martha and I got deeper into conversation she shared with me that around the age of 50, after her first grandchild was born, she suffered a venal stroke, causing her to have a major back surgery. She was told she would never walk again. Martha chose to turn to the pool to get herself back on track and it was told to do swimming on her back as suggested therapy. Believe it or not, she didn’t even like the pool, as matter of fact, she couldn’t even swim!!! But something geared her that direction. With the help of her husband’s assistance, Martha began slowly walking up and down the pool and it eventually evolved into Martha becoming an avid swimmer.

Martha has been such an inspiration to me and I am glad I stepped forward to ask her story. No matter what your circumstance; big, small, pregnant, young, old, the list goes on…you can make a difference, you can make things happen. It’s what YOU choose to do. I did not look at either of my pregnancies as a condition, I looked at it as a blessing and a way to keep me to stay healthy and fit, and Martha never kept her age from stopping her doing what she needed to do. That’s why this Y story needed to be shared.

Kudos to you Martha! Keep it going!

That’s a wrap!! Doctor’s Orders!!


Photo taken Tuesday, Aug. 9th 2016

This photo above just goes to prove that you can definitely carry pregnancies differently in different aspects…

Both photos are me at 38 weeks. On the right I am pregnant with my daughter, gained roughly 40lbs and “spread” with that weight throughout my body. Photo on left is me currently weighing on the scale at my heaviest I’ve ever been BUT haven’t gained as much through this pregnancy. I’m right around the 30lb gain mark and did not spread throughout my body, just all belly.





Photo taken Thursday Aug. 11th 2016



At 37 weeks, that would be my last pool workout routine!! 22 weeks (5 mths and change) of pool workouts and 480 total laps!! I must say I am really proud of myself. There were times, especially as my pregnancy progressed, that I dragged my feet, but never took it for granted.

Now that I am in my 38th week, it could be any day now that I get to meet my baby boy! Yes, I did come prepared to get in the pool today, HOWEVER, my intentions were that there was going to be NO pool routine, simply sitting in and relaxing. After calling my doctor just to make sure that was ok, I received a call back saying NO! lol

Check out my video that explains my journey and events leading up to this day!! Enjoy!


36 & 37 weeks! Shorty gettn’ LOW, LOW, LOW, LOW…………..


On the left 37 weeks, right 36 weeks


Baby gettn’ low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low! LOL

Well yall I am inching closer and closer to my due date!

As of my 36 week period, I changed my weekly routine from twice a week to once a week. I now combine my workouts that I would do in the 2 days, into 1 day. In doing so, I make it modified; Walking hip mobility, upper body workout, Mtn. Climbers, Squats, lunges. Then, instead of 15 laps, I now do 5 laps. Instead of 3 minute treading in water, I can maintain a 2 minute tread, especially now since my belly has “dropped”, it feels like baby boy is pulling me down in the water when I tread. LOL!!!

I still feel GREAT in the water, and glad I can still maintain some form of fitness routine. I have definitely slowed down, which is to be expected when rounding up the end of pregnancy. A lot more tired by the end of the day, I just want to lye down and I am quite alright with that!

One thing that has kept me inspired through this swimming journey during my pregnancy, is a lady who happens to swim around the same time I am in the pool. When I was pregnant with my baby girl and swimming, the lady was there swimming too. The inspiration is her age. She is 88 years young and is an avid swimmer. Today I just felt compelled to ask if she would share her story as to why she does what she does. What she shared with me made me tear up. With her permission, I will be sharing her story soon more formally. I would have NEVER guessed in a million years the direction she would go in telling me why she swam and how swimming became her connection. STAY TUNED!!


Anywho, I’m staying strong with God’s help, one day at a time!!

@ 34 weeks- Something to say!!


On the left is Tuesday, July 12th, and the day I transitioned into my 34th week of pregnancy…on the right is today, Thursday July 14th @ 34 weeks.

My doctor’s appointments have been great. Great blood pressure readings, no swelling, and most of all, baby boy is looking good. I am a happy momma!

On another note, I must say this pregnancy has deemed comical when in conversation with others. I can say within the last month, I get stopped at least 5 times a day to ask when I am due, or just “the look” I get. There are about 8 other women in my work association who are pregnant and due relatively around the same time either July, August or early Sept. Lol

3 of the 8 I have personally been around within the last few weeks. 2 of them, we are a week a part in our due dates. I say all that because, as cliché as it sounds, some people don’t seem to understand that EVERY WOMAN carries their pregnancy different than another. For ME, people would term, “ALL BABY”. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I can say I held WAY differently with my daughter than I am with my baby boy, as well as feel a difference. So in saying that, my pregnancy may seem to show to others what they perceive than what it actually is. I have NO control on how big, what the size of my stomach will look like. The purpose is for the baby to GROW as you progress in a pregnancy, correct??!! What I do have control over in my pregnancy is how I eat and keep myself conditioned to prepare for that day its time to have my baby.

Because it has happened so often now, I already KNOW when someone is going to stop and say something. LOL

The funniest comment/question I’ve heard is, “When are you going to POP?”- I’m like, pop? is that what pregnant women do?? Lol

The more irritating is when someone looks at you and their eyes get big. They ask when I’m due, yet when you tell them, they refute it and tell ME when THEY think I’m due based off what my stomach looks like. I have seemed to put a halt to that conversation by saying, “Only the Lord knows when it’s time for my baby to come”- After that, no response…

Sometimes I just have to be sarcastic….Lol

All that matters to me is that my baby and I are healthy, happy and blessed!!

I am reminded of an article I saw a while back, where a photo went viral of two friends standing tummy to tummy- both pregnant, about a month a apart, but look TOTALY different. Check out the link below (or copy and paste the link below)


As good as I feel…


They say you only are as good as you feel…. well I am feeling good! But don’t get me wrong mama still has her aches and pains as that’s just a part of pregnancy but I thank the Lord for my health and strength. Still able to keep a good relationship with my pool workouts as I have entered into my 8th month.
Completed by Thursday pool workout still able to maintain 15 laps, 3 minute tread and 2 laps of swimming with water dumbbells.
My doctor is pleased with my progress and continues to support me through all I’m doing so far in my pregnancy!
God is good!
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Moving on up and out!


A new week another pool workout. Doc measuring me at the 31/32 week mark. I most certainly can say I’m carrying a lot differently this pregnancy. Baby boy is hanging ride along with mommy or should I say vice versa? Lol. Either way we keepin it movin!

Did 6 different exercises in 4 different sets.

Hip Mobility Sequence

DB Squats

DB Lunges

Plank Floating Scissors

Plank Floating Mtn. Climbers

UB Interval (F/B Swings, T push-downs, DB Jab rotations) 1 min. each