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@ 35 weeks and still going strong

Twist & Press

Water Lunges

Floating Mtn. Climbers into Squat Combo

Intervals vary depending on how long you want to go for in the Mtn. Climber exercise.

I went for 1 minute, then counted by reps for my squats.

Dumbbell Swim

I actually swim using the lower and upper body BUT more emphasis on the upper body since water dumbbells are being used to move through the water. Definitely get the heartrate up, arms WORKED and total body tired. LOL

Upper body interval #2

Pool Squats

Plank Flutterkicks

Holding onto the, what I call the  “pool curb”, arms extended but not locked.  The object is to keep yourself a float by kicking your legs in a small and quick pace all while keeping your body linear and not allowing the buoyancy of the water move you from left to right. Great, core, leg and butt exercise.

Treading Routine

Just me and the water! No water tools for this exercise. Using arms and legs to stay a float in the deep end. I always finish out with treading the water after the rest of my pool routine. 3 minutes is my challenge. I either cycle my legs like I’m riding a bicycle or kick them out and in as my arms go from back to front. Definitely keeps you challenged as the goal is not to “sink” but keep your head above the water!

Pool, Walking Hip Mobility Sequence

Hey Mamas! Here is another exercise you can do to keep your hips flexible yet strong!