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Controlling Emotions

Embrace The Process

How do you control your emotions when you are heartbroken and trying to deal with that day in and day out?

What scripture says…

Thanks for listening! Be encouraged!

Being More Self Conscious

self conscious

Faithfully Unapologetic

Workout & Affirmation

My Self health is self love.

In this season of my life I have come to realize that my relationships with in myself it heavily dependent on how I treat me myself and I. 

For those who did not see my most recent workout and affirmation I posted, I wanted to share because for a while I had struggled so much worrying and wondering if being the true Crystal, who I naturally felt to be, was too intimidating or too much for other people to want to build a relationship. 

My health played a huge factor in all of this because I felt like if I couldn’t be myself , My happiness was suppressed and when my happiness was suppressed I felt anxious and depressed. 

But God….He stepped right on in to remind me If I am not ashamed of Him, my creator, than I shall not be ashamed of myself.  I am genuine, and humble with a whole lot of sass and spunk. 

I have started building the foundation of being faithfully unapologetic of who I am in my personality and character because it is totally connected to my health and how I live.  I can love people close or I can love from a distance, but either way, I’m going to love you and there’s nothing you can do about it!! 

When Your Value Becomes Your Threat

Your Value

My Anchor

If you have a moment to listen in, please do!


I Am Allowed

I saw this not long ago and it struck a chord with me because as a mother and many mothers across the world, we deal with all sorts of emotions and thoughts that flood our mind A lot of weight on our shoulders. To be honest it can really make or break your health.
Seeing this is a good testament that no matter what, as a mother, we are Doing our best even when it doesn’t seem like it.
EVERYTHING listed above I have experienced thus far. As a mother, I shouldn’t be ashamed to feel whatever emotion I am going through.

I am still a young mother and have gone through a lot and I know I still have more to come, but one thing is for sure, in order for me to be my best to my family, I have to take care of myself first so that I can give the best Quality I can to them.
It definitely will come with some rough patches but as long as I know I’m allowed and give myself permission to be happy, to be angry at times, or just feel like doing nothing at all it’s what will keep me balanced throughout life without trying to be superwoman 24/7.
I have to remember that The great and happy days are the easiest but on the days that seem uncomfortable where I’m just not feeling it or I’m frustrated or overwhelmed those are the days that are OK too. Sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself because I feel that way and I feel like I’m taking away from my family but the Lord lets me know that each and every human being will go through these cycles.
The Lord made mothers special and provides all that we would ever need through our good days and even through our bad.
We ARE allowed

Things I Can Control…Quality Control

Wanted to share this with you so that it may could help you as it has for me, to reflect in my choices. 

I seen this in an app I used and this list is what I would refer to as quality control. Quality choices that can be controlled by the way you lead your lifestyle.
I always read something at least 2-3 times to make sure I understand it and can apply it and this list definitely is understood and hits the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional dimensions

What I eat, what I focus on, what I am saying, what I think about, who I surround myself with, my daily routines all entail things that can be controlled by choice. All of these choices I mentioned have quality to it because they really shape a healthy lifestyle.

If these 9 listed below which are you still working on to control in your life?

for me:

I try to get no less than 7 hours of sleep a night otherwise I know how I will feel the following day

words are powerful and can speak truth, so I’ve learned to speak with affirmation in knowing I am who God says I am.

I’ve always been brought up to be a leader, but it’s who you place in your life and who you watch develops the person you can become as a leader. Social media can be deceiving most times so I try not to get caught up in that world, but rather who is physically around me.

You are what you eat. I can testify of that from experience. It either gives me energy and satiety or it makes me lethargic and moody. I keep a journal which helps tremendously in knowing how MY body has a relationship with how and how I eat and drink.

what you think it what you end up believing. Again, thoughts can follow with actions and it’s all dependent on what those thoughts and actions are. Are your thoughts negative therefore you treat yourself and others with disrespect OR do you fill your thoughts with affirmation and self love, therefore you treat others with kindness and respect. I know I have my bad days, but I vow the majority rules n my life of kindness and love.

The way I treat others refers to above with my mindset.

Being honest can be so hard to do because it can reveal your heart. There is always a time and place of being honest and if the level of honesty that is being shared will ultimately help or hurt you or someone else. I’ve found myself having to be honest with myself in situations I’ve been in, accept it and move on. Life still moves on

My outlook has always had the vision of greatness. Whatever that greatness looks like I ask God to order my steps and provide me with the wisdom and tools I need. I try to always see the best in everything even when circumstances are dim.

I don’t believe we fail but we learn from situations that didn’t go our way. There is always something to learn in life.

All something of quality that has meaning to life that I and you can take control in each and every day ♥️

Not Luck, Just God

I saw a meme that I had to take a screenshot, because it was such a great realization of how transformation happens as you go through the process of your journey, Whatever journey that is.

I read it multiple times and applied it to my life. It is so true how healthy things involved in your life produce positive growth and transformation. Now With the transformation obviously comes change and change is a area that most of us become uncomfortable with because it’s something new that we aren’t used to. During that time of the change, although it’s supposed to be a blessing, it also comes with anxiety and frustration in trying to learn how to deal with the new change. That’s when challenge pushes you to God because you cannot handle or try to figure out on your own. You put it all in His hands, as the saying goes, let go and let God. 

When you do that you are putting all your faith and trust in him that however he proceeds and leads you, you will follow. 

I say all of this to say, through this process nothing is by luck, all of it is but by the grace of God. 

Isaiah 30:21 Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

Embracing this NEW Process and Resisting Temptation


before it went in the oven
it was sooooo good y’all. I’m proud 😁


The sprinkled cupcakes 🧁🤣🤣🤣

Some good friends stopped over and made some confetti cupcakes for the kiddos…… there they sat…. smellin goood


When A Rain Cloud Appears After A 🌈

For anyone who has experienced the beauty of a rainbow and how it makes you feel, I call it a blessing. It’s a reminder of God’s promises that He will always be with us.

Although rainbows symbolize the beauty of God‘s promises and power it was never promised that we would not experience pain and struggle. God will be there to see us through even when the rain clouds and storms come through. 

God has got me through so many storms and rain clouds yet granted me so many rainbows. Right now, I am still experiencing my rainbow but a rain cloud stopped by. Just recently I received the dreadful news that a great friend and mentor lost his battle to Covid. He was my vice principal in high school and supported me through my high school years and when he found out I was going to his Alum, he was elated and rooted me on through my college years. 

He dealt with health issues and because he knew I got my degree related to health I was there to help support him through his journey on and off.

The rain cloud came so unexpectedly and for those of you who have been following my blog know that I have gone into a new mindset regarding my health and fitness journey in which I am in what is called a recalibration phase- a whole new outlook mentally physically spiritually and emotionally. So much more focused and determined. However, when this rain cloud came my emotions took over but in a total different way than they have before when a tragedy has struck. I acknowledged my emotions and put my recalibration phase to the side for the moment but not ignoring or throwing everything out the window. I had to take my mind off of the hurt and direct myself to do what I felt most comfortable which unfortunately was emotional eating. I accepted that but will not dwell on it. My focus was to get right back into my recalibration.  

I had a breaking moment but I am still focused and determined. It just comes a time where your mind is made up and even when a storm or rain cloud interferes with your rainbow, God provides you enough to know how to deal with it and succeed it even in the weakest moments. 

Living The Process

I started my recalibration, which I spoke on in last weeks blog. Recalibrating has Opened my eyes in made me remember of the Crystal I used to be in can be, again. I’ve never done a recalibration and I’m glad I took the step for me. The Crystal I know myself to be and want to get back to is Focused, disciplined and determined. There’s been so many times Ive  been on and then get back off track recently And this coming for someone who is in the profession of health and fitness and knows the ins and outs. 

I should know better than anyone that we all will have her really good days in a really bad days through our health and fitness journey that’s why we have roller coasters throughout our journey but this time around feels different. Different enough That when roller coasters happen I know how to approach it. 

So many times I have let myself down because I gave myself Way too many excuses I felt bad for myself which in hindsight was hurting me even more.

As I continue to re-calibrate and adjust to newer and better habits, I wanted to share a video that I came across that really motivated and encouraged me for my process and I think listening to this man’s message would encourage you as well. You have to get up and go!

Be blessed and stay healthy y’all! 

Posted by Ronald Shepherd on Saturday, July 11, 2020