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Controlling Emotions

Embrace The Process

How do you control your emotions when you are heartbroken and trying to deal with that day in and day out?

What scripture says…

Thanks for listening! Be encouraged!

Form of Expression

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I’m back

Embrace The Process

To my 4Star fit subscribers! I will now be sharing content once a month moving forward. I want to ensure that what I share with you is quality and meaningful. With that being said the only way to provide the content you need and are looking for is feedback from YOU!

When it comes to my personal blog, embrace the process, share what is it that you want to know more about me as it relates to my health and fitness journey. Please do not be afraid to reach out to me whether it’s through my website, email, or social media. I will personally be sure to make that content to be sent directly to you. 

The next embrace the process blog that you will receive will begin Sunday, December 6th!

Thank you for continuing to be a part of my 4Star Fitness, community and journey!

Thank you for continuing to be a part of my 4Star Fitness, community and journey!

Stay healthy and blessed ♥️

Renewed Strength

 I don’t know about how you are doing in your embrace the process journey but I continue to be vulnerable in sharing mine with you!

 Each week, for me, feels like either a step back, step forward, or maintenance but the thing that remains consistent is my direction at HEART keeps moving forward.

One of my favorite scriptures from the Bible, I had tattooed years and years ago, on the inside of my ankle. Not long after that I had a phoenix tattooed on the outside Oh my ankle on the same leg. 

 I wanted my tattoo to be on my ankle because I was a track athlete and it made me think about how every time I felt weary in running, especially during practices, the Lord would miraculously renew my strength to get me through it. 

Those practices were hard, and a lot of work and time spent, but The Lord was renewing my strength to be prepared for greater… my big races that ultimately became championships. 

 Now that I look back on it I embrace that thought process in my life today.  There are so many situations that make me weary And I look back through all the practices I went through and succeeded. 

Not knowing when my championship will come I will continue on with my practices Sundays will be easy, other days will be moderate and other days are going to be hard but in order for me to be prepared for the championship I have to keep on practicing, stay believing and getting stronger. I believe embracing that process, the Lord will continue to renew my strength so that I am ready for that big moment.

Are you practicing to be ready for your big moment?

Stay healthy, and stay blessed y’all!

Into another year…Life Journey

Waking up and feeling good is a blessing in itself. Today, Sunday November 1st is my birthday! Another full year the Lord blessed me with.

I am just blessed to be able to share this blog with YOU!

In our life journey There are some things we may have control over and other things we do not. 

One thing we do have control over is the choices we make in our health and movement. Yes we may wake up with some aches and pains but a lot can be linked with our nutrition in what we choose to nourish our body with and how often we keep ourselves moving throughout the day. 

My goal for myself, YOU and my 4Star fit family has always been to be healthy, happy and fit. Let’s make this happen!

It’s about focusing on the complete commitment that we will treat ourselves the best we can each day to be successful. It’s a learning habit and A conscious effort. 

Need accountability and know that you need to have that feeling of healthy, happy and fit? Join in with me on this journey!

Thank you Lord for blessing me to see another year in this journey and continue to try and get it right. Teach me your ways and build my spiritual fitness so that everything else will follow and strengthen accordingly. 

Stay healthy and blessed y’all ✌️ ♥️

Dance In Health and Love

This year has come with some amazing highs and some heavy lows. 

What I am sharing in my blog today is an amazing high. 

I celebrated three wonderful birthdays within a week and a half. My mom, husband and grandmother. All of them are so very special to me. 

Extra special specifically to my grandmother because she is my last living grandparent here on earth and any time spent with her is precious. She celebrated her 86th birthday. 

I get my spunk and tenacity from my grandmother.  

I remember years ago when I was just getting into the fitness industry and my family knowing how passionate I was about health and fitness my grandmother had called to ask if I had a resistance bands or dumbbells that she could use to keep yourself moving in the house. She no longer uses a resistance bands or dumbbells   but she keeps her self moving through dance. My Gma loves to dance!

So when I seen her for the first time in a long time I made sure not only would I make her laugh but we would have a good time dancing and she did plenty of it. I could feel her happiness and joy and that’s how I know dance is a form of health and love.

this is how my Grandma was throughout the weekend. Dancing and laughing. As it should

Get It GMa

Greater is He!

The devil comes to kill steal and destroy. He makes you want to stop 🛑 doing what makes you happy, what makes you healthy, all when he sees the opportunity to do it! 

We have been hit several times this year, way too many to count and the devil is having a ball with it. 

There are some of us who are falling in that hole of fear, doubt and worry because the devil seen An open door to get in our heads.

There are others who are refusing to allow the devil to weaken their spirits despite the craziness they are currently going through. 

I have been on both spectrums and it’s an eye opener. 

Too many of us fall prey to what the devil whispers in our ear; You’ll never lose the weight, you’ll never get that job, that door you’re hoping to open will never open, you’ll never find love…. the list continues. 


The mental shift has to be….. in the midst of fighting through challenges, “I WILL succeed”, greater good will come to me because I know whose I am!!!

I’ve had the devil whisper in my ear a lot, but I’d rather fight the enemies lies than to take myself backwards. 

It’s so easy, and all is smooth when things are doing right, but what about when struggle, challenge and the unexpected strike?

You call on the Lord! 

That’s what my mental shift has been because the battle isn’t mine, it’s the Lords. My health, my physical fitness, my career, my relationships, my family ALL have been tested, yet I call out to the Lord for the wisdom and tools to know how to handle the tests of adversity. 

Greater is He who is within me

This young lady was on point and it’s worth the listen.

Stay healthy and blessed y’all. 

Hurting. Healed. Mindset Renewed

So for those who did not happen to see my workout and Affirmation I posted earlier this week it had a lot of emotion behind it 

Crazy thing is, I came across this song the same day I posted my affirmation and let me tell you, God has this amazing way of revealing healing through whatever hurt you are experiencing whether it is mental, physical, spiritual or emotional hurt. Just lay your burdens down to him and let Him do the healing because we surely can’t heal ourselves. 

I know I always have my up and down moments from time to time. When those down moments come my spirit feels suppressed and makes it vulnerable for doubt and feeling stuck. 

At that time that I cried out to the Lord my spirit was suppressed and I was crying out for him to break me free because I know the potential the Lord has for me and I’ve worked so hard and come so far. It hurt as I was crying out but at the same time I was receiving healing in that moment and when I finished all that was on my heart,

 my mindset was renewed. 

Workout and affirmation 

It hurts but it heals -God 

“It hurts, but it heals” -God Spontaneous Prophetic Worship Flow!!!#hurt&live

Posted by Kelontae Gavin on Friday, October 2, 2020

Another Season Of Change

Another season of change

I believe each season brings golden nuggets you just have to be willing to search for them whether by hearing or seeing it. You have to be intentional about. I believe the Lord places Golden Nugget in every season for us to be motivated, encouraged, and inspired even through the struggles and challenges we experience in a season. 

I have learned that knowing struggles, with every season you must look and search for those golden nuggets.

I am a Fall baby and when the fall season arrives I get all in my feels and feel motivated because the Golden Nugget that I look for is the change of colors the Lord makes and the feel of cooler weather, invigorates me. It literally inspires me to change for the better for myself.  

My workouts have revv’d up just from the energy I get from the new season. 

I know the fall season is a short one and the winter quickly follows after and tends to be a rough one but one thing I know this time around is to enter into a new season with gratitude and in search of golden nuggets to help me in a season of change for the better and not the worse. 

On a documentary I watched featuring Dawn Stanley,a WNBA Star and Champion she said something profound in an analogy with puzzles that I thought could “fit” so well with LIFE and the seasons of change. I took it as a golden nugget for me. 

She said “building from the ground up, It’s frustrating and gratifying because Puzzles can really overwhelm you. The moment you put one piece together with another it makes you keep coming back to complete the puzzle 🧩”

Every season is different for a reason and every season that we are blessed to enter into we have the opportunity to put the pieces together.

Stay healthy and stay blessed y’all. ♥️

Work While I Wait

This video message I came across on Instagram Couldn’t have come at a better time To continue to water me to grow. 

Listening in on this video was so refreshing. If you know you were destined for greatness and that the Lord blesses everyone with unique talents and abilities but the Lord told you you’re greatness wouldn’t come into revelation until years from now, would you remain faithful and continue to serve?

 I have been guilty of this myself, but I can say we all have that sometimes we get caught up  watching other people who have been blessed and already in their season of growth and prosperity, that we forget that the very same thing can and will happen to us if we stay focused in on OUR journey. 

When the Lord blesses others He can certainly bless others. It’s our mentality that blocks us from believing we will. 

If we can set our minds back to this very principle that as we wait for what the Lord has in store for us, that we continue to work humbly with perseverance and gratitude, those blessings will be even more sweeter. 

Ironically, A post I made 9 years ago came up on my Facebook memory wall That share very similar thoughts on my blog today

“When the Lord calls you to do work, be ready to be faithful through everything He’s going to take you through.” 

I was so hard headed, reluctant, scared to make a big move in my life, but I took that step of faith anyways and as a result it has been the best decision I have made. Don’t ever be willing to stay back or take the back seat when you know deep in your heart it something you know you were meant to do…be ready to do great things.” Sept 22 2011

Click on the link below to listen to this encouraging word of working while you wait!

Being More Self Conscious

self conscious